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Consumer 6 Reporter recently made the decision to produce a new series they chose to call “Diet Trends: A Look at America’s Top Diets.”
During the research phase of the project they decided they would examine some consumer tips they felt would be helpful to those who were having trouble losing weight during the current economic downturn. .

Before I tell you any more about my story, let me tell you who I am. My name is Heather Spencer, and I work as a Health and Diet columnist for Consumer 6. Recently they asked me if I would be interested in participating in this study, and since I had been trying to find just the right weight loss product, I decided it certainly couldn’t hurt any to try. I wanted a diet product that was devoid of the side effects you find in many of the current products on the market. What I was interested in was a product that didn’t include a ton of extras my body couldn’t use; I wanted only high quality ingredients I knew would burn the fat.

Before I even got started with the study I spent many hours conducting research on various products. Sure, I could have just taken the word of those biased advertisers and manufacturers about the most effective ingredients for achieving weight loss, but I wanted to see the results for myself. My research showed me that grapefruit, HCA, EGCG, antioxidants and apple cider vinegar are some of the most common fat-burning ingredients. My research also led me to some university reports that stated these ingredients also had the ability to boost your energy and enhance the fat burning process. Even a celebrity doctor mentioned on his show the benefits of EGCG for those who were interested in losing weight.

Initially no one at Consumer Online Tips was sure about the claims of people who used these ingredients to successfully lose weight. I was probably the worst skeptic because I had tried so many different products on the market including the popular prescription diet pill called Phentermine with little or no success. Curiosity got the best of us, and we knew the only cure was to conduct our own study. That presented me with a huge challenge because I wanted to find just one product that included all the active ingredients listed above. I had no desire to purchase the ingredients separately not only because of the expense but also because I didn’t want to have to have to take more supplements than necessary to achieve the right balance.

It took me many hours of research before I found a product that actually did include all of the above ingredients: Slim Optimum. In addition to the above ingredients, Slim Optimum also includes several other powerful active ingredients to help me lose weight faster. You can’t imagine how happy I was to find this product, especially because I found out the ingredients were not only powerful for weight loss but safe as well.


Heather works for Consumer 6 Reporter as a Health and Diet columnist. Recently she volunteered to be our test participant in a study we were conducting on Slim Optimum. This product contains powerful fat burning ingredients include EGCG, HCA and grapefruit among others. She used the Slim Optimum and Detox Pro colon cleanse for a period of 4 weeks and has drawn her own conclusions based on her amazing results. She is ready to share those results with the readers.

Heather lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks!

Besides losing weight, Heather gained many benefits from the Slim Optimum diet which help her eliminate the doubts she had at first. Slim Optimum helps a person lose weight while also increasing the energy level. In addition Heather was able to improve her sleep pattern so she could wake up well-rested.

Step 1:

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It is necessary to combine these two products in order to achieve results that are similar to Heather’s.

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Look what popular media outlets have said about the ingredients in this product

ABCAccording to Celebrity Doctor States is a powerful antioxidant that has many benefits. Statistical studies have proven those who drink a few cups of green tea every day can lower their bad cholesterol while at the same time increase the amount of weight they are able to lose.
    - ABC News

MSNBCCNN conducted an interview with Dr. Melina Jampolis. During the interview Dr. Jampolis stated antioxidants are able to protect the skin from different types of environmental assaults. Another fact that came to light is that EGCG aids in the detoxification process In addition to its other benefits EGCG aids in the detoxification process thus assisting in protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Some early laboratory studies also show the possibility it may rejuvenate dying skin cells.
    - CNN

According to reports from CBS, green tea is beneficial for those trying to lose weight. Reports from CBS state green tea can help with weight loss. Another report from CBS revealed the consumption of grapefruit can help you lose up to a pound each week and help lower insulin levels, a hormone that helps contribute to weight gain.
    - CBS NEWS


The next thing I needed to do was order my own bottle of Slim Optimum. Even though I knew there were many other ads for diet products on the Internet, I found many positive reviews for the merchandiser of Slim Optimum. It wasn’t just the product I found so exciting but the fact I could order a free trial without having to accept any hidden offers. I was also attracted to the fact the formula was highly concentrated with a powerful blend of ingredients to help produce fast and effective weight loss results.

When you visit the Slim Optimum website, you will find the following information:
  • Has the ability to help users look and feel younger
  • Helps curb the appetite
  • Has many essential antioxidants
  • Includes caffeine to help increase the energy level

None of these claims removed any of our skepticism; if anything they made us more skeptical. However, we didn’t let it stop us from conducting our own study to find out for ourselves if the claims about Slim Optimum were valid. Every success story I read about Slim Optimum recommended also using a colon cleansing product to achieve the best results, so I decided to do the same thing for my study. Apparently this is based on the premise the Slim Optimum produces weight loss and increases the level of energy while the colon cleanse eliminates unhealthy toxins in the body in order to get the metabolism back on track for burning calories faster. I chose Detox Pro for my study.

Fortunately the Detox Proalso came with a free trial offer with a satisfaction guarantee that didn’t require me to buy anything else or agree to receive other offers.

Time for the challenge!

The manufacturers of both products assured me I would receive the trial samples within three to five days after placing my online order.

When I received my order I was happy to see there was enough of each product to last for an entire month. Since I had decided to conduct my study for 4 weeks and document my progress, this was perfect for me. I didn’t change anything in my daily routine with the addition of adding Two "Slim Optimum" and Three "Detox Pro" pills daily.

My Results Were Shocking!

Week One

I hadn’t really expected much the first week, so you can imagine how surprised I was to find out how well the diet was working. I found I was more energetic than I had been at the start and was never hungry—I am guessing because the Slim Optimum has appetite suppressant qualities. Even though I lost 4 pounds I refused to become too optimistic because I figured this was probably mostly water weight, a common occurrence when you first begin a new diet. I decided to continue following the program and see what the next few weeks brought, but it was certainly showing promise.

Week Two

At the start of the second week I had an enormous amount of energy and was sleeping much better. I was able to relax at night and no longer tossed and turned. I attributed this to the removal of toxins from my body as a result of the colon cleanse. I had lost 3 more pounds by the end of the week for a total of 7 pounds in only 2 weeks. I have to admit I was beginning to lose all my doubts.

Week Three

After 3 weeks on this program I have to admit all my original skepticism has disappeared. I lost another 3 pounds, and even better—I can fit into my old clothes again! I’m still very energetic, and this is the time period when most people lose steam on other diets. I am also pleased to report I am able to digest my food better and am no longer bothered with embarrassing gas or bloating after I finish a meal.

Week Four

At the end of the fourth week I realized I had lost a total of 13 pounds throughout the study period. There was more than a little jealousy among my co-workers at Consumer 6 who wished they had been chosen to participate in the study. I’m not going to tell you my results are typical of everyone, but I will tell you this: anyone who follows the program will definitely lose more weight than they have on other diets. Another thing you will notice is an improvement in your skin because of the antioxidants in Slim Optimum.

Total of 13 LBS in just 4 Weeks!

Conclusion: Don’t feel badly if you are skeptical about the claims you are reading here—so were we in the beginning which is why we wanted to do our own testing. You don’t have to take our word it; try it out yourself and see the fabulous results you achieve. At the completion of our study it pleased us to know other people just like me had been successful with the Slim Optimum program. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this product with healthy and safe ingredients for effective weight loss.


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