Modern Computer Games Which Are Similar To Classics

We are missing the taste of classic computer games today because they are no longer available to play. As these games are not available today, the classics fans are struggling to find that taste. However, we have advanced games available and also replicas of classics.

Yes, there are many modern developed pc games are available which are similar to the classic versions of the relating game. In this article, I have explained some of the best games available today which are similar to the classic games we used to play in the recent decades…

Clone Hero

The clone hero is a guitar/rhythm game. You know the classic guitar hero game which is best rhythm game of that time. Unfortunately, this game is no longer available to play for its fans. However, the users are enjoying the same taste with the clone hero game.

The clone hero game actually is the clone version of the original guitar hero game. The clone hero game has not all the features of guitar hero but it includes some new features that were not present in the guitar hero game.

One main difference between the clone hero game and the guitar hero game is the songs which are installed in these games.

The guitar hero game came up with the pre installed songs so users do not have to install the clone hero custom songs in the game to play it. However, in the clone hero game, the users have to add the custom songs and charts in the game setup.

In this way, users believe that it is actually more fun to play the game with their favorite songs installed in it. The clone hero game is also free to play.

The guitar hero game was paid but the clone hero is absolutely free and the developers have no interest in charging any fee for this game. You can download the clone hero game from and enjoy the classic taste of guitar hero game.


Another modern game Strafe is similar to the Quake and Quake II. The game is based on the straightforward first person shooting, explosions, gratuitous gibs and polygonal art style. However, instead of the designed levels this game utilizes the random levels with different and unique challenges in the game.

This game has features similar to the Quake game and is much more efficient than the Quake and Quake II.

Thimbleweed Park

The game Thimbleweed Park is based on the classic game point-and-click adventures. This is actually a mystery game with the features similar to the point-and-click adventures game.

This game is developed by Gary Winnick and Rob Gilbert and they have also worked on various classic games. In this modern game, the developers have included the rich history of point-and-click adventures.

Make sure to try out these modern games with the features similar to the classic versions of these games. If you have any other modern game in mind which sound similar to the classics, you can let us know in the comments section below and we will add it to this list.