Warframe Gameplay

I’m gonna be showing you guys how to get wisp in warframe gameplay in 2019. She just came out a couple of hours ago. One of the Make a video to show you guys how to get her from the get-go.

This video does contain spoilers and you are going to need a decent amount of gear to be able to take on the boss in this fight that we have to kill to get the part. So if you haven’t got to at least the chimera prologue I think that’s how you pronounce that quest name.

Then click off this video because it is going to ruin a little bit of the lure for you which isn’t epic whatsoever. And then of course if you haven’t got that up point then you’re not going to have the gear to do this anyway so unless you’re interested in while spoiling a little bit of the story and also you know seeing how this fight takes place then stop watching and then continue playing warframe builder spoiler free and all that jazz.


But in today’s video, we are going to be using it Trinity and a kick on and that is basically all you need. And on top of that also your spoiler mode which will come in handy just a little bit.


Warframe Gameplay Equipments

So let’s go ahead and go over the equipment so Trinity Trinity prime doesn’t really matter. You ought to be making a blessing builds. So I bless and build is one hundred and fifty percent higher shrink and the rest goes into duration. So vitality on here for your health. Narrow-minded constitution prank continuity organ message for your duration.

You got intensify. Plus all your secrets on there for your strength Hunter adrenaline to get more energy back whenever you’re taking damage. Arkin Grace and asking guardian for a little bit more tackiness goodness I have any sense on here because I use this in my adult hunts you don’t necessarily need in every sense for this fight, in particular, you can go ahead and swap that energy siphon that you can use this for energy region which I actually recommend because I mean having a little bit more energy in this fight just having it passively region is definitely a good thing.

So from that let’s go ahead and move on to the secondary weapon and this is the kit gun with the Cashman chamber. So that’s just what I use because it’s a lot easier to hit the limbs off this box that we’re gonna be taking on with this particular chamber. So we’ve got the grip love Top on the looter spot. You don’t have to copy exactly. That’s just what I use. That’s what I’ve been using since what you think you might. So it hasn’t really done me wrong whatsoever.

So in warframe gameplay I just kept it using a standard crypt build on it. So Hornet strike from a damaged by the fusion from multi shortly footprint for fire and multi-shot Prem pistol gambit prime target cracker now you can use the regular versions if you so choose.
Prior to that charge again you can use your regular version on convulsion making radiation damage that has popped and runs on therefore toxin.