Here is why Xender is not working – Errors and Solutions

Xender is an application used in order to transmit the files, documents, videos, photos and much more from one device to another. Xender is a highly-reputed app that is known best for being a nifty and well-built data-sharing app. But no matter how neat and well-built an app is it is totally natural if any app shows some errors. Xender app has some errors that are often faced by the users.

Let’s get to know about the errors and their possible solutions.

Xender errors and solutions

The common errors users face while using xender are:

why xender is not working

1. Not receiving files error

This error sometimes occurs on Xender Download For android when users somehow are unable to receive files. For this you can try the following possible solutions.

Solution 1 of not receiving files

  • You must clear all the cache of xender, after that reboot your device
  • Make sure the wi-fi network/hotspot is working optimally
  • Try a SMMI test, check the wi-fi (open calculator>type “.12345+=”>single test>wifi test)

Solution 2 of not receiving files

  • Make sure the your device that is being used to receive is able to transfer
  • Try to do so with another different device
  • Uninstall xender app then later reinstall it
  • If all else fails go for factory reset.

xender not working fix

2. Not working after up-date error

This is another common error that can be occurred, for dealing this error you can try the following solutions:

Solution 1

  • Get the latest version of Xender app on your device
  • Before sending your data it is suggested to switch off your mobile data as by doing so will make the process but faster.

Connection error

If you get a connection error then one simple fix for this error could be:

Solution 1

You need to enter a Safe Mode, by performing this action the connection error can be fixed.

These are some of the errors that usually get occurred, by trying the solutions mentioned-above hopefully can fix the errors and will resolve the issues. It will be wise to know about the errors and solutions of xender because whenever you get caught in this scenario you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge of these fixes that can help you out.